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The desert island - Story XX Volume 2 - The Necklace

On a deserted island, a group of alluring young women try to make the best of things, despite a mysterious attacker. In these episodes, the girls must contend with a variety of sexual attacks. First, safety-conscious Nanae is raped by Matsui and Ikegami, and later, someone prevents Matsui from attacking Shiori. With all the attacks, the girls are more cautious than ever, and eager to find out who is behind the mind-control experiments. When Shiori tries to have sex with Aoi, Mio begins to suspect that Aoi is the perpetrator. Please note that this program contains explicit sexual content, and is not appropriate for children.

The desert island - Story XX Volume 1 - The Music Box

The feast of disgrace. There are nine survivors on the desert island. This is the story of forbidden erotic suspense, of beautiful girls, attacked one, after another, by an unknown entity. A mystery explosion happens at a laboratory on the Island. Aoi (Ava Vincent) and Shiori (Jewel De'Nyle) are amongst the survivors of six girls and three men. They are all isolated and stranded without any means of communication. They find out that the purpose of the experiments at the laboratory is to transplant one's thoughts and emotions into the body of an unsuspecting victim. No one has come to rescue them and the beautiful girls are attacked one by one as they struggle for survival.

Wife with wife 2

Yosuke and Akira are newlyweds and tonight is their first night together. Things are getting heated up in bed, but Yosuke has a little problem... he can't 'do' it! His wife, Akira, tells him that it's okay, but Yosuke is not going to accept that as an answer, and who can blame him?

Will Yosuke ever be able to please his wife? What will Yosuke have to do to get his 'thing' working correctly?

Angelcore: Life of Angels Part 1

One war is over, and another war is about to start...

A young military officer, Captain Ralph Maskenval, was sent to Northland, to fulfill a mission, which was to keep a close watch over the Angels. The Angels were coerced to beleive they needed to have sex to nurture the "Angel Core" inside. Ralph starts to feel awkward about this mission. Then Ralph learns the reason behind the Angel sex craved behavior. Ralph will have to make a big decision...

Slutty Princess Diaries 1: Defloration of princess

Eight years after his mother's death, Distol learns that his sister, Princess Ooona, has been chosen as the holy maiden. The holy maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the people he loves, a witch appears and makes him an offer that he can't refuse. She'll give him the power he's always wanted but only if he invades Bastarauge, kidnaps the princess Elena, and corrupts her from within. A new dark age is about to begin...

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